Maybe you don’t need me to write content from scratch. Maybe you’ve got a rough translation of your German site already. In my experience of living in Austria, you’re already going to know someone who speaks great English as their second language. Why not just ask them to take care of your English materials?

These days, a translation isn’t hard to come by. Unfortunately, it’s often not enough to make your page stand out and sing. Language is dynamic, striking the right tone is a form of art and, for me, writing should always be more fun than translating something word for word.

My job as a copyeditor is to correct mistakes and inconsistencies. I’ll work on the structure of your text and make sure that every word you’ve chosen is the best one for the job. Most importantly, I’ll make your text more readable and engaging so it’s ready to catch the attention of a much wider audience.

When you hire me as a copyeditor, I’ll be a fresh pair of eyes. I’ll keep the essence of what you’ve written, preserve your voice and ideas, but I’ll give your text a microphone, put it on the stage , and get it ready to perform for your audience.

If you want to make sure that your copy hits the right note, contact me today.