For a reader, there’s nothing more distracting. For the writer, there’s nothing more frustrating. However tiny, there’s not a lot of things more annoying than an error in the middle of your submitted work.

A good proofreader is the safety net before you send your text out into the world. Who would you trust your work to for proofreading?

A graduate of English Literature with 700 books in her living room?

A language teacher of five years experience with a CELTA behind her and copies of everything from Michael Swan to major style manuals on her desk?

A professional trained to notice the tiny mistakes that can mean the difference between understanding and hilarity?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Hire me to do your English proofreading and I’ll make sure that every text you send out into the world is error free and perfectly polished.

I proofread texts of any length and style. If you’re applying for a job with an English speaking company, I also offer standard packages for proofreading CVs, letters of enquiry, and covering letters.

Contact me and we’ll discuss your needs.